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 “Ghosts and The Afterlife”

Key Project Details

Ghosts and the Afterlife is a 73 minute feature on the subject of ghosts and the hereafter based on all available scientific and historical evidence, expert interviews, and CCTV recordings that have captured ghostly images on tape.  

The film features James Van Praagh (creator and executive producer of “Ghost Whisperer”), Dr. Vernon Sylvest, M.D. (pathologist), Dr. Kenneth Rose (Harvard Ph.D. in philosophy and world religions), Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, M.D. (Harvard Professor and researcher into the phenomena of life-after-death experiences and spiritual healing), Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. (neurosurgeon), Captain Frederick “Skip” Atwater (the Operations Officer in charge of the top-secret military StarGate program that investigated consciousness beyond the physical mind) and many others.

The program is presented by Kelsey Bohlen with cameo appearances by Jay Thomas, Emmy award winning comedian best known for Cheers, Mr. Holland's Opus and Dragonfly. Ghosts and the Afterlife was Jay’s last film project. 

The project’s executive producer, Garrett Sayre, is a former top-secret intelligence officer for the United States Navy who has completed over 6 years of research into the field of inter-dimensional communications and life-after-death experiences in order to manage the completion of this documentary over the past 9 years.

The project’s writer, producer and director, Steve Sayre, is a former top-secret intelligence operative for the United States Army who also served in a top-secret capacity for the U.S. Air Force.

"Tomorrow's Heroes"

Plot Summary

Tomorrow Heroes is a feature film about a top-secret operative who is wrongfully convicted of treason after having put his life on the line to successfully eliminate a serious threat to national security.  The story begins 4 years in the future with the operative dying in a prison hospital. One of the nurses develops a close friendship with the operative after not only discovering that certain aspects of his case and prosecution seemed to be horribly unjust but, in fact, entirely false.  Day after day, the nurse asks the dying operative to recount his story from the beginning to the end in order to understand better what the political motivations might have been to have framed an innocent man that had contributed so much to his country – and who now lay dying in a prison hospital after serving 7 years of a life sentence for treason.

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